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The Lockheed P2V/P-2 Neptune is a twin-engine long-range maritime patrol and
anti-submarine aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Lockheed
Corporation.  The P2V was redesignated P-2 in 1962.  Crew 9-11

Propulsion 2 & 2 Radial Engines & Turbojet
Engine Model Wright & Westinghouse R-3350-32W & J34-WE-36  
Engine Power (each):  3500 hp
Engine Power (each):  3395 lbf

Speed:  268 kts. or 329 mph

Service Ceiling:  22000 ft   
Range:  3202 NM  3685 mi

Empty Weight:  49935 lbs
Max. Takeoff Weight:  79895 lbs

Wing Span:  103,8 ft
Wing Area:  1000 ft²
Length:  91,7 ft
Height:  29,3 ft

First Flight:  17 May 1945  
Production Status:  out of production  
Total Production:  1181

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