Can you help us locate any of these shipmates?

If you have a former Shipmate you are in search of, please forward the appropriate information to us.

Herbert Paul Campbell 1962 – 1964 era Nickname-Soupy – Tech. possibly Radioman – Flight Crew – Originally from Dallas-Ft. Worth area.
James White 1962, ’63, ’64 era Jim worked with the Parachute Riggers and was an AME or AMH – originally from Bridgeport, AL. Non-flight crew
David Sibley (ENS) 1976-’79 Was intelligence officer. Graduated from UNC Tar Heels
BJ Miller(ENS) 1976-’79 Intelligence Officer - First female officer assigned to VP-16
Any Family members of deceased Airman Ronald Jeffrey Savoy 1966-1967 Please share any information you may have on Airman Savoy regarding his hometown etc. with us. We are diligently searching for family members to invite to our April 2016 reunion in Jax.